Name: John Griffith
Seminary: Notre Dame Seminary
Year in Seminary: T1
Projected ordination year: 2024
Home Parish: St. Louis
Parish assignments so far: St. Brigid and Immaculate Conception in Union City.
Have you been outside the US? Spain, Mexico, and Canada
What did you do before seminary? I worked as a bank teller, a loan assistant, and private banking associate
Favorite restaurant in Memphis: Elwood’s Shack
Favorite food: Steak
Favorite movie: Hoosiers
Favorite song: Vienna by Billy Joel
Favorite video game: MLB The Show
Favorite book: Confessions by St. Augustine
Favorite subject: History
Hobbies: I enjoy music, and sports
Favorite Saint: St. Augustine
Favorite Prayer: Memorare
Favorite Ministry: Music and visiting the homebound.