West Tennessee Knights of Columbus Annual Seminarian Fund Raiser

300 from 300

A message from Bishop Talley

For years, our Annual Seminary Dinner has been an amazing opportunity to welcome people into the mission of our diocese for our seminarians . 

This year the pandemic prevented us from gathering together in thanks and celebration for those who chose to give their life in service to the Church of West Tennessee,  but it did not stop our efforts to share the Office of Vocations good news with everyone!

Your financial support is critical to the mission of CDOM Vocations, and we are grateful to all who make it possible for us to prepare men for the priesthood.

Your donation is always greatly appreciated, regardless of the amount, and this year there are many options for giving.

Specifically for this event, donations can be made by one person donating $300 (or more, of course), a business donating,  or a group of people joining together to donate $300.

You can make your donation online using the giving portal below or donate via check making it payable to the Catholic Diocese of Memphis with ‘300 from 300’ in the memo section. 

Please mail checks to the Catholic Diocese of Memphis, 5825 Shelby Oaks Drive, Memphis TN 38134. Help keep our proud tradition of supporting these men alive by generously giving. Call 901.881.0576 for more information